Comparing Research at Nordic Universities using Bibliometric indicators

Seminar in Copenhagen May 23rd: Comparing Research at Nordic Universities using Bibliometric indicators

On May 23rd in Copenhagen, the report Comparing Research at Nordic Universities using Bibliometric Indicators will be launched.

It is the most comprehensive and detailed description of Nordic universities ever to be produced, describing the research performance of 40 Nordic universities in the period 2000-2009. Publication output and publication impact is depicted for all universities, both in total and across scientific fields. See abstract of the report at the end of this mail.

The aim of the report has been to develop and demonstrate bibliometric indicators at the level of the universities in the Nordic countries. As a supplement to simple international rankings of universities, it uses transparent methods and describes differences in research profiles that may explain different positions in the university rankings.

The following institutions have been represented in the network, writing the report: Academy of Finland, CSC – IT Centre for Science, and Ministry of Education (Finland), NIFU (Norway), Vetenskapsrådet (Sweden), RANNIS (Iceland), Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, and Royal School of Library & Information Science (Denmark). This NORIA-net collaboration has been funded by NordForsk.

The conference is hosted by NordForsk and being held at the Danish Design Centre, HC Andersens Boulevard 27, Copenhagen, at 12-16, Monday May 23rd 2011.

Please send an e-mail to Fredrik Niclas Piro at NIFU (coordinator of the NORIA-network) if you want to attend the seminar: fredrik.piro [at]

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