Vacancy for a Bibliometrics Analyst, John Wiley & Sons, UK

Mer från SIGMETRICS. Bibliometrikerjobben står som spön i backen idag…

Vacancy for a Bibliometrics Analyst, John Wiley & Sons, UK

***The closing date for applications is 28th Feb 2011.****


This role will involve using bibliometric data to assist in the analysis of journal performance. This role will involve promoting Bibliometrics across the company, training staff to be self-sufficient in their day to day analysis needs, undertaking large scale analysis to contextualize Wiley’s performance in the market in order to inform overall strategy, and proposing and developing new tools.

About Wiley

Wiley is a global publisher of print and electronic products and services for scientific, technical, medical, scholarly educational, professional and consumer markets. Wiley’s success of over 200 years is founded on our ability to build enduring relationships with our employees, our authors and our customers. It is by attracting and retaining skilled individuals and top-quality authorship, and by providing exceptional service to our customers, that we sustain our position as ‘the place to be’

For more information, or to submit an application with a covering letter and CV, please visit the following URL:

***The closing date for applications is 28th Feb 2011.****

Blackwell Publishing Limited is a private limited company registered in England with registered number 180277.
Registered office address: The Atrium, Southern Gate, Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom. PO19 8SQ.

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